Thursday, 23 January 2014

Prayer Focus Update #2

This week we met again for our monthly prayer gathering to pray for our Farming Community and continue to pray into the issue of Bovine TB.

We have been focusing in on praying for individual farms in our locality.  Through personal contacts and a bit of research we are building up a picture of the kind of farming in our area.  We want to pray for each local farm specifically and by name, particularly those involved with Beef and Dairy farming.  We believe that it is this kind of focused prayer across Wales that will see a change in the prevalence of Bovine TB.

We also spent some time studying a map of Wales with the levels of Dairy and Beef herds across Wales and the corresponding incidents and TB reactors.  The result of this for many was to pray with an increased passion to see the eradication of this terrible disease in our nation.  Knowing that each of those reactors marked an experience similar to that written about in our 'Farmer's View' made me personally feel very sad and I long to see a map drawn in the years to come showing only the thriving herds with no sign of Bovine TB remaining in this land.

We also prayed for all the other issues facing our Farming Community at this time - for the health of all animals, prosperous crops, safety and health for farmers and workers and strengthening particularly of the family owned farms across our nation.

Please continue to join with us as we pray.  We encourage you to find out about your local farms and to pray for them specifically.  If you would like to know of other Christians praying in your area for farming and for the eradication of Bovine TB, please contact us and we will try to help you connect.

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