Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Prayer Update #3

This week our prayer group in the Brecon Beacons was very pleased to be joined by a couple of farmers from elsewhere in Wales as well as friends from Sweden.  As we prayed for our local farming community and discussed the many struggles and issues facing farmers in our country and all over the world, we also praised God for the ways we see him moving to bring healing to our land.  I couldn't help laughing in wonder at the way God is using a small, but expanding, group of his people to be a part of blessing our land.  We are asking God to send more workers to pray for our farming community, to establish praying groups of farmers and neighbours to bless our land and those who work it.

We are hoping soon to begin to visit churches across Wales to share our vision for an increasing network of Christians praying for their local farms and farming families.  If you would like us to visit your church, please get in touch.

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