Our aim is to ensure that each farming region of Wales is covered in prayer and to encourage people to pray for their local farms specifically.

We seek to connect intercessors across Wales to pray for every farm and farming community in our land.   Praying blessing and protection for the land, its people and animals.  Where possible we are encouraging intercessors to get to know their local farmers so that they can pray for specific needs.  All our farmers are working in increasingly difficult conditions and we want to pray for them in their areas of greatest need.

We intend to pray strategically for the issues facing our farming communities, both arable and livestock farms.  Initially we are specifically seeking the eradication of Bovine TB in the Beef and Dairy herds of Wales.  We believe the Lord has given the following words as the basis for our strategy:

On the face of it this seems both obvious and simple.  Of course there should be honesty, but it is very difficult to get a balance of openness and respect for confidentiality.  There needs to be honesty and openness in government organisations, between agencies, and between farmers and vets.

Bovine TB is a disease that brings terrible suffering to our Farmers.  Even when there is no evidence of Bovine TB on their farm they have to undergo regular intensive testing which causes a lot of stress.  The government has an obligation to tackle Bovine TB in this country, but this often brings conflict between farmers trying to look after their animals and the government agencies trying to protect the country from the spread of this disease.  Current prevention strategies are also incredibly controversial, with concerns over the role wildlife plays in spreading it and what should be done about this element of the problem.  We need to pray that there will be increased co-operation between government, farmers and wildlife groups.

Farmers on their knees in prayer
We know that many farmers are already on their knees emotionally and financially with the grief and stress that come from Bovine TB infection, whether from the constant tests or the destruction of their animals.  This is NOT what the Lord wants for them.  So often we come to our knees in prayer when we reach the end of our own resources, but it should be the place we start so that we are able to make use of the abundant resources of Heaven.  We believe the Lord is calling His people to join with Farmers as they pray seeking His healing power for their land.